This is me with our cat Guinness.
This is David with his 1990 Cadillac.








My name is Emma, I am 24 years old and I am from Eureka, MO.  I am an elementary school teacher.  My partner David and I purchased a home in the suburbs of Eureka in March 2016.  This is the story of our journey to live a more sustainable life and to produce as much of our own food as possible on our 7,500 sq. foot homestead!

Our dream was to have a farm, but at 24 and 28 just starting out in the professional work force, this was not yet attainable. So, we settled for a nice little house in the suburbs with a small backyard.  Despite the size, we have big plans for this small plot of land!  We have already added fruit trees, berry bushes, vegetables, and quail.  With many more improvements to come.

We are passionate about this endeavor and hope to share our experiences with others who dream of having their own working homestead in the suburbs!

Thank you for following along on our adventure.

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