Quail Quarentine

What do you do when you come home to a coop full of blood?  Freak out. 

 And then.. check everyone to find the source of the blood.  Once you have located the suspect, you should separate that quail from the flock. Quail quarentine. 

I have often had to quarentine my quail for various reasons, illness, violence, breeding, etc. I find this to be one of the most effective practices in ensuring your quail stay healthy and happy!

When preparing a quarentine setup I like to keep my quail as close to the big coop and the rest of the flock as possible. Preferably where they can see each other. I make sure it has food, water and appropriate shelter for the separated quail.  

My main setup for quarentine is an old rabbit hutch. This is where I kept my 6 original quail when they were chicks and now where I separate anyone who needs special care. 

If you don’t happen to have a rabbit hutch lying around, you can also use a plastic tote with a square cut into the top. I have one of these on hand at all times for transporting quail or for temporary separation. I bought this for $4 at my local grocery store. I also use a screen over top of the square so the quail don’t escape but also have appropriate ventilation. 

I had to quarentine this little lady today because I came home and found her covered in blood.. I am hoping she will be able to return to the flock by the end of this week. 

How to Avoid Quarentine

Sometimes quarentine cannot be avoided. Quail are strange little birds and will often fight for no reason, but the best way to avoid this is to keep appropriate numbers and space. I provide my 16 quail with 32 square feet of space, which seems to be comfortable for them. Quail who are confined in close quarters with too many males will certainly fight each other. Sometimes to the death..  It is also important to ensure that all quail are able to eat at the same time without pushing or pecking. I do this by providing one long feeder and one smaller circle feeder. All of my quail can eat at the same time. They also need similar access to water. Of course you can follow all the rules and tips to keep your quail safe and happy and you still may come home to an injured quail or two, but hopefully with these tips you can prevent many more!



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