Kitchen Compost!


I hear about the benefits of compost all the time.  It supplies nutrients to your garden with materials that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill.  I have also been making a conscious effort to reduce our home waste.

Enter Kitchen Compost!!

I have been using a small plastic cup to hold my compostable materials.  Pain in the butt… It fills up and I have to empty it about 3 times a day.  So I decided to spend the extra money on a permanent fixture in my kitchen.  Always looking for a bargain, I checked out Amazon to find the lowest priced one.  This one was one of the best looking for the money.  I didn’t want something I was going to have to shove under the sink.

I was thrilled when it came in the mail today!  I couldn’t wait to use it.  Now I will be able compost many more materials conveniently in my kitchen.  It even has a charcoal filter to reduce any smell.  Bonus that it looks great and can be left on the counter!

Goodbye dirty compost cup!

What do I compost?

I try to cook as much from scratch as possible, so I do end up with quite a bit of compostable material.  Any fruit or vegetable scraps can be composted.  Eggshells, mushrooms, cornhusks, hair, etc. can all be composted.  I also use the pine shavings from our quail coop in our larger compost pile outside.  Typically compost is described as green and brown materials.  Items that SHOULD NOT be composted are meats, dairy, and oils.

This info graphic from Mind Body Green is really helpful if you’re new to composting and looking for more information!


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