Family Matters

Our family is mostly comprised of feathers and fur. It’s small, but it is growing every day. I truly enjoy caring for and spending time with each critter every day. It’s a lot of work, but everyone plays an important role in our household. 

Meet the dogs. 

Milo is my old basset hound border collie mix.  He has been by my side For 9 years. Yes quite spirited for his age and is a faithful guard dog. He is always on alert as protector of our home. He lets us know anytime someone gets remotely close to our house.

Sadie is a 7 month old basenji/ whippet mix. She is a little bundle of energy and joy!  Her role at the moment is chief snuggler 🙂  but she’s shaping up to be a pretty good guard dog as well. Right now she’s also taken on the very important job of cleaning out the litter box… Despite my chastising. 

Sadie was an unexpected addition to our family. I may have just brought her home as a surprise…  The cats are still getting used to her but we are hoping with time that they will all be able to live peacefully. 

Sadie and Milo enjoying a rare moment of peace.
She takes her job as Chief Snuggler seriously.

Meet the cats

This is Alphie. Alphie is one bad*** cat… He’s had a rough life. He was found in a dumpster and he lived outside at my moms for a while. He hunted animals for food and was gone for days at a time. Once I got a house I took him in in hopes of rehabilitating him. 

He is one of the most intelligent animals that I know. He trained himself to use the toilet…  Which is super convenient!  Less litter cleaning. He can open almost any container and he eats everything.  Which includes mice and insects. Thus Alphies main role in the house. Expert mouser. 


Meet Guinness. 

Guinness has the very important role of looking pretty :). She also provides a decent amount of hair for compost…  She catches a bug here and there as well.   

She is much more timid than Alphie, but it’s nice to have the balance of the two. She prefers to hide most of the day and come out at night for secret snuggles. 

Meet the Quail

Chances are if you read my blog, you’ve already met the quail!  Their contribution to our household is the most obvious with fresh eggs daily.  They also provide us with entertainment as they are so fun to watch. They have such unique personalities and quirks. 

We have two varieties of Coturnix quail: Japanese Browns and Texas A&M.  The Texas quail are the white ones. They are slightly larger than the Browns and seem to be a bit more tame. At least in my flock. They all seem to get along alright and they can even be bred together to produce a “tuxedo” quail. I am hoping to breed them next spring!

Enjoying their pool on a hot summer day!
One of our Texas A&M girls

Although our family is unconventional at best, each member is valued and plays an integral part in our tiny homestead. I am truly thankful for each and every one of them. 


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