New Girls on the Block!

Yesterday we headed out to Labadie, MO to pick up 4 more quail hens to add to our flock!  We had heard of a seller on Craigslist that wasn’t far from our house. As with any internet sale we weren’t sure what to expect and we were shocked at what we found…  Clearly these animals were not pets. They were being raised purely for profit in questionable conditions.

There were hundreds of birds…They were kept in a garage in small wire cages where they could scarcely move. Most of the females had the feathers pecked off of their heads so they were completely bald. The sight was quite shocking to us because we consider our quail members of our family and we have great respect for all forms of life.

I understand many people raise animals for food and profit and I’m sure it is more profitable to raise animals in such conditions but there is also value in giving the animals a good life. Respecting what they give to you and thanking them for this service. I know our birds have a good home here with us and I would like to think that they produce better quality eggs for it.

We are hoping to give these ladies a new lease on life!  They seemed to be enjoying their new home in the dirt. They could stretch their feathers and peck at the dirt for the first time in their lives. The sight was truly magical to behold:)

You can tell the difference between the new girls and our older quail.
Getting used to their surroundings.

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  1. tarnegolita says:

    That’s lovely… Quail are such cute little creatures! It makes me happy to see them happy! Glad you could rescue a few of them! X

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