Meet the Quail

We had been in the house less than a week when I got the wonderful idea to get quail chicks, because who doesn’t need 6 baby quail when they are first buying a house?  I may be crazy… but the quail were surely an amazing addition to our home!  We have since grown our flock from the 6 original chicks to 16 adult quail.

One of our Coturnix quail just hatched!

What is a quail?

You may be wondering what is a quail and why would you ever want them?  So did most of my family when I informed them that I had 6 living in my bathroom…  A quail is a small ground dwelling bird.  They are about the size of a dove and they lay small brown speckled eggs.  Quail are a great option for people who cannot keep chickens due to city ordinances.  Hence why we chose them for our suburban homestead.  In many areas quail are considered pets and not livestock so they are not regulated.  We decided to get quail in order to have our own supply of fresh organic eggs in our own backyard and it may have been one of the best decisions EVER!  3 months later and we get up to 15 eggs a day from our flock of mixed male and female quail.

File_002 (4)
Five of the six original quail chicks! The white one was about a week older than the brown, that’s why he’s twice the size.
When we first got the chicks, we kept them in a rubber maid tub with no lid and pine shavings in the bottom.
When we first got the chicks, we kept them in a rubber maid tub with no lid and pine shavings in the bottom.



Where do you get quail?

I purchased my quail from a man that I got in contact with through Craigslist.  I know it is ill advised to meet random men off of Craigslist and I have heard of the Craigslist killer…  but again, I may be crazy.  I went to meet him and buy some quail chicks for $2 a piece.  I brought my rubbermaid tote ready to go with a hole cut in the top and a screen placed over the hole.  It was difficult to find quail anywhere but Craigslist.  I found that many “breeders” bred them for hunting dog practice and not specifically for eggs.  The chicks are full grown and laying eggs in just 6 weeks!

More Quail!

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So what do you do with quail eggs?

Building the Outdoor Quail Coop

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